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Young Entrepreneurs Decry BGR Rebuff

Three entreprenurial young Black women, two from New Jersey and one from Queens, NY, are speaking out about being rebuffed by Black Girls Rock, Over the past year, their accomplishments have made them examples of youth in excellence. Each sought an invitation to join in the festivities. However, they weren't invited to attend this local event this year, for reasons which still aren't clear.

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A Ceremonial Tribute To Outstanding Black Achievers

Black Girls Rock / Via

Black Girls Rock is an annual celebration of young women of color, held at the fabulous New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), and televised on the BET Network. The ceremony, which in past years has featured luminaries such as former First Lady Michelle Obama, was naturally a must-see event for three notable young ladies living right in NJPAC's backyard.

The "Essynce" Of Fashion

Atlanta Black Star / Via atlantablackstar,com

Here is 15-year-old Essynce Moore, a serious couturier with her own boutique, which earned her the sobriquet Teenpreneur Of The Year from Black Enterprise Magazine. Essynce is making her mark as an emerging fashionista, and she uses her gift for garment deesign to uplift, educate and empower her peers. "She's a Black girl that rocks," says manager Vonzelle, "and it's a shame we never heard back from BGR when we reached out to them". Starr, Essynce's mom, also wonders what happened. "Essynce really should have been a part of this," she observes.

Standing Against Bullying, One Dress At A Time

Fashion In The Fast Lane / Via

Bullychaser Egypt 'Ify' Ufele has reached several milestones in her young life. Tired of being made fun of, this prodigal clothier launched ChubiiLine, a collection of dresses and other sleek, trendy outfits, designed in her own hand--with a message. "All the kids who used to bully me," Egypt says, "now model my clothes. She's just eleven years old, but brings a wisdom that belies her age. "She is everywhere," says Momager Dr. Reba Renee-Perry, CEO of Diva Dynasty Magazine. Among Egypt's recent accomplishments are a starring role (with Dr. Renee-Perry) in a widely-seen 2017 Ford Explorer TV commercial, and accolades as Child Of The Year in her native Nigeria. "Black Girls Rock says Egypt had 'no visibility', and therefore couldn't attend," says Renee-Perry. Egypt's PR agent, Yvonne Forbes, recalls, however, that BGR knew who Egypt was in 2016, in correspondence with the show that year. "It's surprising that [Black Girls Rock] wouldn't have heard of her," Forbes says. Egypt is also an international philanthropist, who worked to furnish South African schoolchildren with laptop computers and much-needed footwear. They're naming a school after her in that country later this year. That's something to learn about!

She's Bananas About Fashion!

Savannah Banana / Via Courtesy Savannah Bananas

Savannah Banana is taking the industry by storm with her very own children's boutique and custom print shop, within signt of Manhattan's famous skyline. Starting at age four, Savannah began dreaming up all kinds of ensembles, which were translated into reality on the runways of New York Fashion Week. Savannah, who is the youngest storeowner in New Jersey, is also a gifted entertainer and motivational speaker. Jessica Smith, Savannah's mom, tells us BGR said her daughter was too young for the event. "Her talent," Smith notes, "is about more than just her age". All three of these child prodigies look forward to attending next year's Black Girls Rock ceremony, where they believe an invitation would be a welcome acknowledgement of their talents. They, too, are ready to rock!

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