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When Your Bed Gets Messy!

A witty, provocative play opens on Saturday in Decatur, Georgia, that will have you wondering just who that really is waking up next to you every morning.

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Off The Pulpit, Onto The Sheets

Lynette J. Blackwell / Via

Onto the brightly lit stage in the Peachtree State comes playwright Lynette Blackwell's signature dramedy, Who's This Sleeping In My Bed, which tells the intriguing tale of a young, social climber who inveigles her way into a well-known preacher's bedroom. What the cleric doesn't know about his new lover, will rock his sanctified world!

A Writer's Journey From Screen To Stage

Ocktober Film Festival / Via YouTube

Lynette is an accomplished screenwriter, dancer, choreographer and director. Her critically-acclaimed short film, Twelve will be featured at this year's Ocktober Film Festival in New York City, as a main selection. Lynette's portfolio also includes performances at the world-famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, and working with the legendary Intro R & B group. "My latest play," Lynette says, "is my dream come true."

Making It Happen With A Stellar Team

Pic Play Post / Via

Joining Lynette to bring Who's This Sleeping In My Bed to life are Executive Producer Rob Base, who recorded the unforgettable hit song It Takes Two with DJ E-Z Rock, and performed in the NBA Finals Game 1 halftime show. He's currently doing a concert tour which showcases his amazing music. Translating Lynette's script to action is Shelly Garrett, known far and wide as the Godfather of Urban Theatre. Lynette's work called to him, he notes, as it reflected his own personal experiences. "The marriage before the one I'm in now," Garrett recalls, "was the worst experience of my life. Sometimes you really don't know who that is lying there next to you." Lynette's little diversion will doubtless have audiences wondering, too!

Process Of Evolution

National Black Theatre / Via

The previous iteration of Who's This Sleeping In My Bed won excellent reviews as Unequally Yoked (also produced by Base), as an inspirational story of "betrayal, forgiveness, and hope". Now, it's been updated with a thoroughly modern delivery, losing none of its original, positive overall message. If you're in the Decatur area this weekend, grab yourself some tickets, and take in a truly delightful evening of theater. You never know who that might be resting their head on the other pillow!

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