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There's A New Summer Casual Look--And It's Tropically Chic!

Two New York City fashion designers are changing the casual street wear game, with a carefree, but cultured collection that invokes the soft Caribbean trade winds and crystal-clear seas. The islands aren't just a winter getaway anymore, they're coming straight to your closet. You'll be swept away!

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This is Dnalsi

Gladymir Leveille / Via

What to wear to that dinner cruise, art gallery, or day trip this summer? Not to worry, a brand-new, sophisticated, urbane street apparel collection has you covered! Started by two emerging fashion designers in New York City, Dnalsi invokes and showcases diverse cultures, blending innovative patterns with eye-catching style that's setting the trend everywhere you look.

It All Started With A Vision

Kreyolicious / Via

As classmates at Brookville's Long Island University, Gladymir Leveille and Rob Constant held fashion shows on campus , presaging the direction their post-graduate lives would take. Discovering a void in the market, in 2011, the young clothiers decided to fill it with a brand that incorporated their Caribbean heritage into a smart, fashion-forward look. The concept quickly caught the public eye, as the label's popular appeal became readily apparent.

Runaway Runway Success

Small Boutique Fashion week / Via

It wasn't long before the catwalk began calling to Dnalsi, and their dazzling collections began to appear at premier events, including Small Boutique Fashion Week, which is a prominent fixture in the iconic New York Fashion Week lineup. The Dnalsi reperoire ranges from cool headgear, through men's and women's apparel in a rich variety of cuts and colors. But that's not all, not by a long shot!

This Is What's Up!

Gladymir Leveille / Via Courtesy Gladymir Leveille

Derived from the friendly, informal Haitian Creole greeting, Dnalsi's trendsetting Sak Pase collection will have you feeling "just fine". There are delightfully whimsical hoodies and tees emblazoned with this salutation, along with crew neck sweaters showing Haitian and local cities pride. Dnalsi goes even further, inviting the wearer to experience their vision in a bold, engaging way.

Are You Ready To Make A Splash?

Dnalsi / Via Courtesy Gladymir Leveille

From Manhattan to Miami, Team Dnalsi is stealing a march through the fashion industry. The brand has even been recognized as the official T-shirt for Haiti, as Gladymir and Rob continue to build bridges between cultures through fashion. When you start thinking about what your summer wardrobe should embrace, think of palm trees swaying gently in the ocean air, with soft, sandy beaches fronting clear, turquoise waters, a friendly smile, and the easygoing, finely crafted garments offered by Dnalsi. Around the world, Dnalsi brings the islands right home to you!

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