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Hip-Hop Is Getting A Museum, And There's A Concert To Celebrate!

Hip-hop is a storied musical genre that's raised our consciousness, changed the industry, and redefined popular culture. Now it has a museum, right in the NYC borough where it all began.

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Curating The Beat

Universal Hip-Hop Museum / Via

For over three decades, hip-hop has been the soundtrack of urban America, from its NYC origins, to its modern place as the most consumed genre in America. Now a group of its notable pioneers have created a new, non-profit museum to interpret, preserve, and display its artists' achievements, and encourage the next generation of performers.

What Words Wrought

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The Museum, which will open in The Bronx, widely regarded as the birthplace of hip-hop, is led by Board Chairman Kurtis Blow, who sees the endeavor as a way to recognize the genre in an official and symbolic manner, through interactive, virtual, and interpretive exhibits. Blow, who is also an ordained minister, joins other iconic figures, including Ice-T, Rocky Bucano, and Tommy Boy Entertainment CEO Tom Silverman, in bringing this unique historical repository to life. "We want to open people's eyes to the history of hip hop," says Blow.

Of Course, There's A Concert!

UHHM / Via

To celebrate this milestone achievement, the Museum is giving a free concert, just across the Hudson, at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark. It's a free show, featuring Kurtis Blow and other legendary hip-hop figures. The event is built around its central themes of peace, unity, and love, with an eye towards promoting creativity and innovation, two of the genre's most prominent hallmarks. The show will be followed by many other special events throughout the year, to announce the Museum. The old school meets the new school at the "Pac", tomorrow night!


UHHM / Via

Scheduled to open in the near future, the Universal Hip-Hop Museum will be honored by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. at a special August 12 dedication ceremony. You can discover more about this exciting new museum and how you can help support its work, by visiting their website. The hip-hop nation finally has a home!

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