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Believe! Out Pastor's Message Is Never Too Much

A out, activist pastor in Newark, NJ, is bringing everyone together under God's rainbow, and it's beautiful.

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Beloved "Rev. Kev" Makes Sure All Are Welcome

Rev. Kevin E. Taylor / Via

On the gritty streets of Newark, NJ, just a quick subway ride from Manhattan's towering edifices, you can find this man, Rev. Kevin E. Taylor, a visionary cleric who is fulfilling his ecclesiastical calling by bringing all of God's children together under the rainbow. He leads his devoted flock at the Unity Fellowship Church NewArk, under whose spires even the LGBTQ faithful are welcomed with open arms. An ordained minister for 17 years, "Rev. Kev", as he is affectionately known, is also a successful author, public speaker, television producer, and LGBTQ community advocate. As he speaks from his heart, God's words can be heard loud and clear.

Now What?

Rev. Kevin E. Taylor / Via

Born and raised in Washington DC, Rev. Taylor is foremost an out, proud Black gay man, and this truth has shaped both his creative and theological life journeys. Along the way, as he grew from a "fat, nerdy kid" into a dynamic, powerful voice on important contemporary social issues of our day, fighting for marriage equality, keeping the memories of a slain transgender woman alive, or calling for acceptance on a Love And Hip Hop Hollywood round-table discussion, Rev. Taylor has stayed focused on moving the conversation forward. That drive has evolved into the popular, engaging Now What? talk series on YouTube, where he looks to his notable guests' future, as they showcase their ongoing achievements.


Rev. Kevin E. Taylor / Via

Putting it all into words, Rev. Taylor has penned several books, in which he expresses his life experience, shares his wisdom, and discusses the life of the LGBT community of color. His works include Unclutter, a debut life-coaching volume, Jaded, the groundbreaking story about the value of not giving up on love, Get Off Your Ass And Do Something, culled from a lifetime of sayings, Tweets, aphorisms, and sermons to help you navigate your life, and a whole collection of other uplifting and empowering writings. However, it's Rev. Taylor's latest tome, the autobiographical Never Too Much, that puts his persona into sharp perspective. In telling his story, Rev. Taylor drops pearls of wisdom about overcoming adversity, discovering one's true worth, and pursuing the dreams that shape the course of our personal voyages through life. It's a remarkable exposition of self-discovery, that teaches as it tells.

Always Upward

Tamara Fleming / Via Courtesy Kevin E. Taylor, via email

Rev. Taylor's life and work continues to shine light on the intersection between spirituality and sexuality, between love and law, and between all people, their relationship with God and each other. He was recently a featured speaker at the XScape Puerto Rico LGBT Arts & Culture Festival, and Rev. Taylor presides over Sunday Services at UFC-NewArk's downtown Newark church, where all are truly welcomed. Say his name!

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