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30 Days Of Pride: Swanny River And The Alliyance Are Performing In NYC, And It's Gonna Be Lit!

Out rapper, producer, and DJ Swanny River is performing at Prides in NYC with The Alliyance, and it's all about hip-hop in the LGBTQ community!

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Yes, Virginia, there is hip-hop in the LGBTQ community. This month, out hip-hop artist, producer, and radio personality Swanny River and his group, The Alliyance, are getting ready to put their bounce and swag to work on stage at various Pride celebrations around NYC.

Swanny River / Via

Swanny River makes the house jump wherever he goes. For over 25 years, he's been a fixture on the club scene in New York City, developing his own unique East Coast style, and creating SR Music Group to showcase the talents of his fellow out artists. Swanny's also the host of RWS Radio, where you can find the weekly Rollin' Wit Swanny mixtape program. He's definitely not playing around.

Coming To Brooklyn Pride

SRMG/The Alliyance / Via

On Saturday, Swanny and The Alliyance are rocking the stage at Brooklyn Pride, where they'll be performing a set of their hottest music. Swanny's group, which features Billy Hood, IKP, and Earthtone, has electrified audiences at Harlem Pride and Staten Island Pride, earning much critical acclaim for their unwound, energetic stage presence. It's all about the love for Swanny's native borough.

Wait...there's more! Swanny Celebrates National Puerto Rican Day, Too!

Swanny River / Via

Swanny doesn't sleep after Brooklyn Pride. He'll be up late on the airwaves on the eve of the huge National Puerto Rican Day Parade, honoring his Boricua heritage, and getting everybody amped up for the Fifth Avenue festivities the following day. Fabuloso!

All The Way Up!

Swanny River / Via

Get to know this band of rising stars, and you'll discover a whole new way to enjoy the hip-hop genre. Rapping under the rainbow is always amazing AF!

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