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30 Days Of Pride: LGBT Veterans Are Getting A New Home...And It's A Reason To Party!

The first-ever residence for LGBTQ Veterans is coming to Philadelphia, and that's cause for celebration!

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LGBT Servicemen and women are coming home.

My Brothers House / Via

Over the long history of our nation's armed forces, there have always been LGBT people who've joined the military, not just to serve our country, but because there was no other place to go. Gay and lesbian teens often got disowned and put onto the streets by their families, just for coming out of the closet. Having worn the uniform, many return to civilian life, still unable to truly return home. That, however, is about to change.

One Veteran's Action Plan

Dr. Remolia Simpson / Via

Meet Dr. Remolia Simpson, an out, Army veteran who founded My Brothers House, a nonprofit organization that provides safe, supportive housing to veterans and their families. Following the group's core principle that "all veterans matter", Dr. Simpson and My Brothers House are adding an LGBTQ residence to the roster of houses around the country that shelter our veterans.

With Song We'll Begin Our Revels

Aaron Paul / Via

No LGBT party is complete without its fabulous stars. Headliner Aaron Paul, who is currently doing his fabulous Every Life Matters Tour, joins host Tym Moss, a film star, radio personality, vocalist and songwriter, on the stage to honor our LGBTQ veterans. They've just finished creating the Every Life Matters music video (with Honey Davenport) to support the families of those killed in last year's terrifying Pulse nightclub massacre. Both artists are active supporters of all those who wear the uniform under the rainbow.

But wait...there's more!

Legendary Carl Max / Via

The Legendary Carl Max, illusionist, celebrity female impersonator, and Whitney Houston tribute performer, known far and wide for his inimitable style, will also grace the spotlight at iCandy. His unique style has enthralled audiences everywhere for years. Also joining the festivities with culinary delights, is premier chef Charleen Caabay, whose Bay Area dishes, specializing in Filipino comfort food, have delighted the palates of patrons all around the world. Her appearance on the Food Network's Chopped TV series won her international fame, and she's on board to tickle your taste buds on the big night! Oh, and other surprise special guests may drop never know who might appear. Yaaaaasssss!

All Veterans Matter

Out Vets / Via

After out veterans serve on the oceans, skies, and battlefields of the world, homelessness isn't something they should face when returning to civilian life. Our LGBTQ veterans are particularly vulnerable, because our society hasn't yet reached a time when full acceptance and equality prevail. The LGBTQ Veterans' House is one small step in a larger campaign to repay service with support. If you're in the Philadelphia area on June 30, come on down, have a drink or two, see the show, learn more about our LGBTQ veterans, and welcome them home!

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