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30 Days Of Pride: It's Mating Season In NYC, And It Will Make You "Aware AF"!

An LGBTQ advocacy group is hosting a special "Mating Season" event next weekend in New York City. It's grown and sexy...with a purpose!

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It's A Jungle Out There.

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The New York City chapter of Impulse Group, is part of a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to the "cause of sexual health education, advocacy, and

breaking stigma for gay men, both positive and negative." Next week, they're bringing an important message to the city's LGBTQ community in a fun, sexy, supportive way with Mating Season, which promotes sexual health awareness. Amidst the concrete canyons, a new experience beckons, geared towards the needs of today's SGL men. Roar!

One Community, One Love!

Impulse Group NYC / Via

"We want to get the word out in a fun, bold new way," says Impulse NYC Director of Events Anthony Curry. "This is an event where people can party while learning something that can improve their lives. This year's theme is 'One Community, One Love', and we're bringing the boys...and the heat!" Scheduled for Saturday, June 17, on the eve of NYC's famous Pride Week, Mating Season will transform Midtown's Interface event space into a steamy tropical rainforest, complete with nude performers wearing masks depicting animals of the realm, and leafy plants replicating the jungle canopy. Jungle cocktails are provided by sponsors Svedka Vodka, Stolen Rum, and Brockmans Gin.

Perennial "gaylebrity", actor, and screenwriter Dwight Allen O'Neal, an Impulse NYC committee member, says, "this is going to be so fabulous. We're helping people to learn how to play safely!".

Discover Your Options While Celebrating Pride

Impulse Group NYC / Via

There are so many reasons and ways to protect yourself during your intimate moments. With terrifying CDC reports warning that half of all gay Black men will become HIV-positive during their lives, the need for advocacy becomes abundantly clear. Impulse, supported by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, is at the vanguard of the fight to improve the LGBTQ community's chances to live longer, healthier lives. Opening the dialogue sometimes means using "nontraditional" methods like Mating Season to drive the message home, whether it's about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), the importance of getting tested and knowing your status, or just getting into the habit of using preventative devices like condoms during every sexual encounter. Join the party and educate yourself by getting your tickets here!

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