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30 Days Of Pride: A Tale Of Two (Fashion) Cities

Out fashion impresario Preston Walker has created a new approach to chic, urbane styles, in a showcase all his own. Above and below the Mason-Dixon Line, so, too, the hemlines rise and fall, baby. Take a look at how this young innovator is transforming the catwalk!

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Nothing "Small" About It!

Preston Walker / Via

Meet Preston Walker, the CEO of Small Boutique Fashion Week, which has been revolutionizing the runway in the deep South and the cosmopolitan North for the past ten seasons. Created to highlight the work of emerging designers and models, this New York Fashion Week staple has grown into one of the industry's definite must-see events.

Gotham's Glamour Kicks It Off

SBFW / Via

From its New York City beginnings, Preston was determined to take small fashion businesses seriously, with a runway show that placed independent designers and couturiers squarely in the spotlight to give their careers a push forward. Notable names gracing the catwalk over the years include Planet Zero Motorsports, Vintage Vanity Couture, and Kali Kouture. They're all aiming high!

Walking On Up!

ETC Fashion Group / Via

SBFW has evolved to introduce even the youngest budding fashionistas, like pre-teen plus size kidswear designer Egypt "Ify" Ufele, who recently starred alongside her "momager" in a brand-new Ford Explorer commercial. That's the goal of Preston's venture--to uplift and recognize the works of fashion artists of all ages and backgrounds. He's even started apprenticeship programs for those aspiring to careers in the garment industry.

Sashay Away Down South, Hunny

SBFW / Via

Yes, they do fashion even in seriously red-state Georgia. SBFW rocks Atlanta every year with an extravaganza every bit as fierce as their Big Apple gala. Now, you get style on both sides of the aisle! in blue states or red states, and Preston has always supported the LGBT community's clothiers, as well as those mainstream allies that make it all work north and south of the rainbow.

Dress It To The Nines

La Dap E Style / Via

Who's ready to be the next leading-edge trendsetter in fashion? SBFW has been voted among the top five NYFW public fashion shows by WCBS-TV. Every season brings stunning new creations, and truly gifted designers who'll make your wardrobe le bec fin. You can discover SBFW and get your tickets for events in both cities right here. Preston will be looking for you along the runway!

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