Nathan James NATHAN JAMES is a writer, playwright, and LGBTQ advocate. His work has appeared on GBM News, NBC OUT, DBQ Magazine, FITFL Magazine, and other media outlets.
  • Let’s Get LOUD!

    DBQ Magazine, a periodical for and about the LGBTQ community of color, has released its annual LOUD 100 list. The list recognizes outstanding individuals (and couples!) whose accomplishments have encouraged and inspired us all. The honorees will be feted next Sunday at NYC’s renowned Carnegie Hall—now that’s something to make noise about!

  • Getting Stylish, For All The Right Reasons

    Celebrity coiffurist Mark De Alwis is opening his storied hair salon, for a different kind of New York Fashion Week event. This gala celebration of glamor and panache, will also help feed hungry New Yorkers, which, of course, is always a good look!

  • They SLAYED At The Glammys!

    The 19th Annual GLAM Awards were held on Sunday night, and all the attendees and performers turned out in their finest (or most flamboyant) raiment. Three nominees came out to SLAY, as you’ll see in the pictures below. It’s all about that look!

  • We Like Ike! (You Will, Too!)

    Out, sassy jokester Ike Avelli has been tickling funny bones all over NYC. His delightful, tongue-in-cheek style has people flocking to see his gigs. You’ll LMAO with him, too!

  • Sam Stevens: Music Is Love

    World 5 lead singer Sam Stevens is literally bridging oceans and linking continents, to change the face of contemporary jazz and techno music. as the leader of a band whose members are scattered far and wide, Sam is right in step with technology, which he uses to overcome the obstacles of time and distance. The results are magical!

  • Josh X Marks The Spot For 2018

    Brooklyn-born Josh Xantus, aka Josh X, is starting the new year strong, with hot new singles featuring top artists such as Dro and Cardi B. If you need that little pick-me-up to chase away those seasonal blues, Josh X has what you need, through the winter, and every other season!

  • Erin Simon Kicks Off 2018 With A Bang!

    To ring in the new year, media personality Erin Ashley Simon joined with creative styling spirits Jamar Hart and Devon Milan, to reimagine the intersection between fashion and gender. That’s in addition to her many other talents, including a hot new podcast. It’s just the twist we need to get our 2018 started!

  • Sak Pase! It’s The Creole Image Honors!

    Raising awareness of Haitian, French Caribbean, and African culture around the world, the Creole Image Honors recognizes achievements by trailblazers who have made a global impact. Looking to humanitarian and social activism, as well as excellence in arts, business, politics, and entertainment, this signature ceremony has everyone talking!

  • Urban Action Showcase Appeals For More Diverse Action Heroes

    Kaboom! The Urban Action Showcase and Expo is headed to New York City, just ahead of the holidays, to celebrate the blockbuster action-adventure, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. The gathering of heroes and villains also brings a real-life message about multiculturalism in entertainment. Up, up, and away!

  • Rainbow Days, Runway Nights

    What happens when major LGBT events and New York Fashion Week fall on the very same weekend? Why, you get to spend your days over the rainbow, and your nights on the runway! That’s awesome AF, you know.

  • Sailing The Creative Seas: Captain Of The Lost Waves

    “We do not need to think, in order to be aware”. So says the Captain of the Lost Waves, a British pop artist who describes himself as a “getaway driver in a stolen car”. Come along for a wild ride into the mind of a man whose offbeat vision is changing the game—on both sides of the ocean!

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