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These 7 Real Explosions Were As Bad*ss As A Michael Bay Movie

The footage you're about to watch is totally, 100%, without a doubt real and disturbing at times. Fatalities included. Not suited for younger audiences. Explosive PTSD may occur. Viewer discretion advised.

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1. That time soccer legend, Scott Sconos accidentally hit the cheerleader spring while jumping back onto the field then landed on a TNT rigged net


2. Todd and Timothy were only boys being boys. No one was to blame in his horrific incident


3. Sully Rockwell had never used a rope swing before and didn't know that this creek was full of highly flammable chemicals


4. When Jessica Leighton agreed to be the human slingshot bomb that her boyfriend needed to destroy his neighboring tribe, he knew she was the one


5. Poor Baron. He was only a puppy...

One more step little guy!

6. What started out as a senior prank turned into a fire hazard outside of Blue Creek High when Billy Mackleroy and Edmond Latrill collided on the swing bar after school.

10/10 were expelled

7. They played this laser game every week until one day, Farkus (cat on the right) rigged the cardboard box with dynamite.

Shame on you Farkus

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