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11 Reasons Animals Are 10x More Savage Than Any Human

No matter how hot it gets, these animals are ice cold. Tune in to Savage Kingdom on Friday, November 25, only on Nat Geo Wild.

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1. They keep their men in check.

Is that lipstick on your mane?

2. Even the youngest of them them are mopping the floor with your style.

This guy knows how to rock a stripe.

3. They are not beholden to anyone, especially you.

Don't think just because you have a camera they'll perform for you.

4. They are not about seeing some other cat on their turf.

Don't come prancing around his pride with your dirty paws.

5. They invented the word "hangry."

"Can I have a taste?" = "You're going to give me some."

6. They are not about whatever your petty problem is.

"I'll make you a crying hyena if you keep that up."

7. Your family's a joke compared to their pride.

They're the king of the beasts; you're the king of the least.

8. They're not about that dainty life.

They're not some pampered house cat.

9. They're not about to put up with some scruffy scavenger.

Oh I'm sorry, did you think this kill was for you? You are sadly mistaken.

10. Their loyalty extends as far as their mouth.

If that impala meant so much to you then maybe you should have put your name on it?

11. They don't care if you caught them dinner and complimented their look — if they're not in the mood they're not in the mood.

"That's right — I have a headache, again."

12. You can keep working your duck face. These guys invented the word "fierce."

You don't even know the meaning of the word "strut."

All images courtesy of Nat Geo Wild.

Need more savageness? Tune in to the new global miniseries event Savage Kingdom on Friday, November 25, only on Nat Geo Wild.

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