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The 10 Biggest Catches In The World

Some fish are just bigger than others. Check out some of the most epic fish ever caught, and for the tuna drama, tune into Nat Geo Channel on April 1st at 10pm for the premiere of Wicked Tuna.

1. Largest Lobster Ever Caught- Maine

The 27-Pound lobster was caught off the coast of Maine and is about the size of a 3-year-old toddler.

2. Largest Catfish Ever Caught- Thailand

The largest catfish ever caught on record measures just over 9 feet. After being caught, Thai villagers tried to keep it alive but despite great efforts, it sadly passed away.

3. The Largest Stingray Ever Caught - Thailand

This gigantic freshwater Stingray weighed in at over 564 pounds and took 90 minutes to wrangle out of the water.

4. Largest Salmon Ever Caught - California

During a standard fall salmon survey, DFG biologists happened upon the king of all salmon. This beast was 51 inches long and weighed over 88 pounds. Normally, salmon weigh between 20 and 30 pounds.

5. Largest Squid Ever Caught- Arctic Ocean

The squid, which was captured in Arctic ocean, weighed about 1,089 pounds and was over 6 meters long. The previous "largest squid in the world" was captured in New Zealand and weighed 992 pounds.

6. Largest Marlin Ever Caught- Hawaii

Feast your eyes on this fish. Captured in Kona, Hawaii in 1984, this Pacific Blue Marlin weighed 1,656 pounds and was 17 feet long.. And as you can probably imagine, this puppy took about 2 hours to be reeled in.

7. Largest Sea Bass Ever Caught- California

What's 400-pounds and takes over an hour to get out of the water? The biggest Black Sea Bass ever caught!

8. Largest King Crab Ever Caught- Northern Pacific Ocean

Meet the largest crab ever caught. Weighing in around 33 pounds, this meaty beast could easily keep a family of 5 full for a week.

9. Largest Shark Ever Caught - Mediterranean

Reports surfaced of a 23 foot long whale shark caught in the Mediterranean, but the actual length was 21 feet. Still, not TOO shabby.

10. Largest Alligator Gar Ever Caught - Texas

Just imagine trying to reel in this terrifying fish. The world's largest Alligator Gar was caught in Texas, measured 8’3” and weighed 230 pounds!

11. Inspired By National Geographic Channel's New Show, "Wicked Tuna"

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