Nate C.
I believe in God, karma, and Chinese fortune cookies. I'm pretty sure that when Dave Lieberman's on TV, he's cooking just for me. I'm a really bad driver (no, seriously. You should probably watch out.) Nonetheless, one of my absolute favorite t...
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  • University of Michigan Holds Social Media Treasure Hunt #MQuest

    Named #MQuest, this unique experience will be a 6-day treasure hunt across the campus where students will use technology to follow clues and hunt for prizes. The ultimate goal is to find a golden M we’ve hidden somewhere on campus. Essentially, students will follow University Unions Arts & Programs (the main campus life/student activity office for the University) on twitter as we release clues twice a day. Clues will include puzzles, QR codes, U-M history, VOIP, SMS text messaging, and other technology. Students who participate will be given various prizes along the way, and the person who finds the golden M first wins a brand new iPad 2.

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