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I Gave The Cast Of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story The Most Ridiculous Quiz And I Brought Lightsabers Because Why Not?

Working as a morning show co-host at Radio Disney has some pretty amazing perks. I recently got to sit down with the cast of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at the press junket in San Francisco leading up to the release of the movie. Aside from being whisked away to Skywalker Ranch and given exclusive access to the rich nostalgia of my childhood, I decided to do a BuzzFeed style quiz with the cast to find out which Classic Star Wars character they were. I honestly wanted to know so I brought thumb lightsabers just in case things got out of hand, which they did.

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Felicity Jones is a class act and has an excellent Chewbacca impression.

Radio Disney, Lucasfilm / Via

Myself and Diego Luna, learning for the first time who his classic Star Wars character is, it's not who you think.

Radio Disney, Lucasfilm / Via

Alan Tudyk and Riz Ahmed were impressed by the accuracy.

Radio Disney, Lucasfilm / Via

Mads Mikkelson and Ben Mendolsohn just before they asked to see my credentials jk. They love me.

Radio Disney, Lucasfilm / Via

Donnie Yen took the quiz VERY SERIOUSLY.

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