6 Dexter Spin-Offs We Would Actually Watch

With Dexter spin-off rumors flying around the web, we decided to come up with a few that might be awesome!

1. 1 - Hannah

Attractive, dangerous, and absolutely sociopathic, Hannah McKay’s character makes for great spin-off material, and reminds me of my favorite ex-girlfriend.

2. 2 - The Masukas

Vince and Niki get a place together, and try to connect as father and daughter. One-liners and awkward situations ensue.


Admit it- you only hated Doakes, because he hated Dexter, but a series about Detective James Doakes before he joined Miami Metro would be AWESOME!

4. 4 - The Code

With Dexter dead, Dr. Vogel is given the opportunity to take Zack Hamilton under her wing and completely immerse him in The Code.

5. 5 - Before Dexter

A mini-series featuring stories about some of Dexter’s more notable adversaries before he killed them. The Trinity Killer, Ice Truck Killer, and Hannah McKay would all be good places to start.

6. 6 - Harry

A grown up Harrison Morgan discovers the videos of his grandfather’s sessions with Dr. Vogel, and begins to question the circumstances of his mother’s death, the life that his father lead, and his own dark passenger.

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