14 DJs Awkwardly Posing Like Idiots

Ok, every DJ needs photos for their press kit, and of course it helps if the photos look interesting, but these guys missed the mark entirely. Unless your last name is “Aoki” you’re not getting anywhere with photos like these.

1. Um, that BBQ isn’t even on, bro

2. I remember the first time I used headphones too…

3. Raiden, is that you?

4. I guess you could say that they’re “wrapped up” in the music *Yeeeeah*

5. He’s clearly in it for the groupies….

6. In case you weren’t clear on the analogy…

7. DJ Christ The Redeemer, obvi

8. DJ Deepthroat! …Wait, no

9. DJ Creepy Uncle reporting for duty!

10. Where do I even start?

11. “Did I leave the stove on?”

12. Is this why DJs have stopped using vinyl?

13. “Ok, now take one with me really, really far from the turntable”

14. I just can’t… I don’t even… I’m out

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