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This GIF Shows How Much Earth Has Changed In The Last 200 Million Years

A lot can change in a million years.

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It's crazy to think that the Earth was just one giant continent (Pangea) before it started to split around 200 million years ago (Ma).

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Geologists at the University of Sydney, Australia, released this amazing computer-simulated model in a recent study published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, which shows Earth's progression until the present day.

India broke off the coast of Africa around 120 million years ago.

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On average, plates move around 1 inch per year. But the study found that India was "speeding" at the rate of 7 inches per year for about 10 million years.

Molten rock most likely sped up the process by lubricating the continent to slide over the mantle, lead researcher Sabin Zahirovic told Science magazine.

And this is how much the Earth has moved in the last 20 million years.

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It turns out, Earth has been changing faster than scientists thought — plates can change their motion over the course of one million years (OK that seems like a lot of time, but it's actually VERY short in geological time), according to Zahirovic.

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