The 19 Most Surprising Facts About Space Food

    NASA banned alcohol, but that didn't stop the Russians.

    1. Pizza Hut delivered the first and only pizza to outer space.

    2. Carbonated drinks like Coke and Pepsi are totally banned because they will make you vomit.

    3. In 1985, the media ridiculed Mexican scientist Rodolfo Neri Vela for requesting tacos in space.

    4. NASA tried and failed to create tortillas that didn't spoil after six months.

    5. In 1965, astronauts got in trouble for bringing illegal contraband into space.

    6. Astronauts still sneak chips into space.

    7. Christer Fuglesang was the first Swedish astronaut in space, but his Swedish delicacy was deemed "offensive."

    @natty_t_ice I tried to bring reindeer into space to eat, but it was considered too non-PC:-) It was also Xmas time - can't eat Rudolf then!

    8. In the 1970s, NASA created space wine.

    9. But that didn’t stop the Russians from drinking in space.

    10. And future space tourists might be able to drink beer too.

    11. Scientists spent millions of dollars to make space kimchi (and other Korean recipes).

    12. Astronauts prefer spicy food in space.

    13. In 2006, Sapporo Brewery grew barley on the International Space Station.

    14. But in 2001, NASA actually brewed beer in space.

    15. During the first missions to space, one of the most popular food staples was...

    16. A university engineering team is attempting to grow lettuce on Mars.

    17. During the early days of space travel, the Russians planned to develop pills to replace food.

    18. The first food eaten in space was caviar and meat pate.

    19. NASA invested in a 3D printer that makes pizzas.