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    Kanye West Lyrics Perfectly Describe The Story Of Julius Caesar And Cleopatra

    Shakespeare would either be proud or he's rolling in his grave. This is a continuation of history and lyrical poetry.

    1. Julius Caesar on meeting Cleopatra for the first time:

    2. Caesar restores Cleopatra to the throne:

    3. Cleopatra gives birth to Ptolemy Caesar:

    4. Caesar refuses to name Ptolemy as his heir:

    5. Cleopatra arrives in Rome and it's a huge scandal:

    6. And Caesar declares:

    7. Caesar is murdered by the senate on The Ides of March. "Et, tu Brute?":

    8. Cleopatra meets Marc Antony:

    9. Octavian talking shit about the whole affair:

    10. And problems ensue:

    11. Antony when Cleopatra turns her ships around and ditches him after Octavian sends a Roman fleet to conquer Egypt:

    12. Cleopatra ends it all after Octavian successfully invades Egypt: