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Natasha Singh One year ago

Men, Ask Different Questions

by Natasha Singh /

Natasha Singh One year ago

10 Thoughts On Grace, Aziz Ansari, And Girls Who Don't Give A F _ CK: Notes From A Sexual Literacy Educator

We have a long ways to go—and there’s no better indication of this than the current conversation about a young woman, Grace, who published a story titled "I Went On a Date With Aziz Ansari. It Turned Into the Worst Night of My Life." In her account to Babe, Grace insists that she gave verbal and nonverbal cues to Ansari who either ignored or bypassed them. But both Ansari and Grace have different experiences of their time in his apartment, as is evidenced in Ansari's note to her after she tells him she cried the whole way home. "I'm so sad to hear this ... Clearly I misread things in the moment and I'm truly sorry." The difference in their experiences, perspectives, and feelings are the very things we need to be talking about when we're talking about consent. So, too, do we need to talk about HOW to talk about these issues.

Natasha Singh One year ago