Here's Why People Think Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid Are Engaged

    "You could be my wife for real."

    You probably know that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are an item, have a baby together, and the whole shebang.

    Well, if you've been wondering if these two lovebirds are going to get hitched, allow me to present you with a new fan theory.

    Zayn recently released a new album, which had some fans pointing to one particular lyric...

    "Yeah, you could be my wife for real". - Zayn in When Love’s Around (feat. Syd) 🔗

    Twitter: @GigiHadidBR

    Yup, "You could be my wife for real" off "When Love's Around."

    Naturally, the fan theories that Gigi and Zayn are actually engaged began:

    I mean... IS HE PROPOSING THAT WAY? @zaynmalik @GiGiHadid #zayn #NobodyIsListening #zigi #gigi #whenlovesaround

    Twitter: @dianextpwk

    Im kinda convinced zigi ar engaged bec in when love's around Zayn mentions 'you could be my wife for real'💍

    Twitter: @70SRIVEROAD

    This isn't the first time Zaygi have sparked engagement rumors recently — the year started with them after Gigi wore a ring while giving a granola review on IG?

    Twitter: @93DLIBYH_

    Admittedly, it is entirely possible that the camera flipped and this is her right hand.

    Yup, things got emotional:


    UMMMMMMM HELLO RING ON THE LEFT FINGER THIS IS NOT A DRILL #fyp #zayn #zaynmalik #gigi #gigihadid #zigi #weddingring #engaged???

    ♬ fOoL fOr YoU - ZAYN

    Welp, we'll keep you posted if Gigi does become his wife for real.