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    Fans Think They Spotted Gigi And Zayn's Baby Name On His Wrist, Days Before Gigi Revealed Her Name

    *Zooms in.*

    Hello! So, as you probably know, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid had a baby in September.

    Yesterday, Gigi revealed their daughter's name in the most casually cool way possible — updating her IG bio to read, "Khai's mom."

    Well, if you've been wondering if Zayn might give Khai's name a lil' shoutout — some eagle-eyed fans think they have the answer.

    Gigi and Zayn posing for photos at a fashion show

    Yes — fans think that Zayn has his bb's name tattooed on his wrist in Arabic.

    zayn has his baby girl’s name “khai” tattooed on his in arabic!

    A new tattoo on Zayn’s wrist seems to say “خاي“ meaning “Khai” in Arabic.

    Twitter: @zmdaily

    Naturally, I was curious. So I did some SRS investigative journalism™ to find out — which took me to his IG live on Jan. 17.

    Hmm, there did seem to be something there!

    A part of the tattoo can be seen

    Very curious.

    Then the moment that people had been screenshotting:

    The tattoo can be seen fully on his wrist as Zayn holds his arm behind his head

    It does look a lot like "خاي" — Khai's name in Arabic:

    This would certainly be in line with Zayn's other tattoos — he's got Gigi's eyes on his chest, as well as numerous pieces in Arabic.

    We'll keep you posted if any ~slightly~ clearer pics emerge.