Welp, The Old Hype House Was Apparently Broken Into And There's Footage Of It

    Something tells me that TikTok-ing burglary generally isn't a great idea.

    Remember the whole "Bling Ring" thing, when a bunch of teenagers broke into celebs' homes and stole jewelry? Well folks, I do believe that the Gen Z equivalent has just happened.

    Yes, it appears that a bunch of young girls and their mother broke into the old Hype House to film TikToks.

    so today I woke up, checked tiktok, and saw that a few girls along with their MOTHER broke into our old house, and also took MY clothes. this is beyond fucking weird, how do people think this shit is okay?

    In case those words make little sense to you, the Hype House is a group of TikTokers that all live together. It used to include Charli D'Amelio, but still has plenty of popular TikTok influencers — like Chase Hudson aka Lil Huddy. A few weeks ago, the house members moved from their original mansion into another mansion that used to be known as the "Clout House." Got it?

    A series of now-deleted TikToks show the girls and their mother — Maria, whose account the videos were posted to — inside the house. The Hype House confirmed in comments that they still pay rent for the property.

    The alleged home invaders also appear to be wearing various items of clothing owned by Lil Huddy and fellow TikToker Avani Gregg.

    After the video was posted, Hype House member Kouvr Annon went to check on the house and uploaded footage of the ransacked property to her Instagram story. She also claimed that her fish and tattoo gun had been stolen.

    One of the girls involved then posted on her own Instagram story to say that they were let in by a caretaker and that the house was already a mess. This account has been disputed by the Hype House members, who claim that the house was locked and professionally cleaned.

    According to a statement given to Insider, law enforcement has been contacted. While it's not clear what the outcome there will be, Hype House member Tony Lopez has requested that fans stop showing up at the Hype House. The mom involved has continued to post TikToks — albeit outside of the old Hype Hype — to her account.

    To some fans and people who keep showing up to the hype house. Can you please stop and respect the little bit of privacy we have. Thank you.