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17 Ideas For Planning An Unforgettable Virtual Pride Party

Pride, but in quarantine.

1. First, hire an artist for a virtual performance.

@rupaulsdragrace / GIPHY / Via

Whether they're a drag queen or a musician, there are lots of LGBTQ performers who have lost a substantial amount of their income during the coronavirus pandemic. However, some have pivoted to virtual performances — so reach out to your fave artists and see what they're doing.

2. Host an LGBTQ trivia night.

@tyleroakley / GIPHY / Via

3. Watch an LGBTQ movie remotely with friends and loved ones.

Tirachard / Getty Images

Pro tip: Use an online clock to synchronize start times. We've rounded up some LGBTQ movies with happy endings, in case you need some inspo.

4. Join a virtual Pride celebration with your household — or start a virtual watch party on the side.

5. Raise money for an LGBTQ charity.

@CDC / GIPHY / Via

For example, you could tap into what local organizations are doing to help LGBTQ people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

6. Make a joint playlist and have a virtual boogie.

@euphoria / GIPHY / Via

7. Have a Pride-themed mask-making party.

Olga Trofimova / Getty Images

8. Host a virtual brunch.

Artit_wongpradu / Getty

9. Have an online talent show for all your gifted LGBTQ pals.

@nbcthevoice / GIPHY / Via

10. Have a Pride parade — but with cars.

Nito100 / Getty Images

11. Bake some Pride-themed snacks.

belchonock / Getty Images

12. Host a quarantine drag ball.

@poseonfx / GIPHY / Via

If you need some inspiration, take a look at what people are doing on TikTok.

13. Get local food delivered and have an online dinner party.

Thesomegirl / Getty Images

14. Sign any relevant petitions to help protect LGBTQ people in your area.

@poseonfx / GIPHY / Via

15. Have a discussion group about your favorite LGBTQ literature.

@rupaulsdragrace / GIPHY / Via

If you don't have time for a book, there's still lots of fantastic poetry and essays by LGBTQ authors.

16. Treat yourselves to a remote at-home spa sesh.

dragana991 / Getty Images

17. Finally, deck out your home in Pride decor.

Marioguti / Getty Images

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