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What Are Your Unpopular Wedding Opinions?

I DO NOT — unless there's an open bar.

Weddings are a huge deal to a lot of people — so it's not exactly surprising that people have some pretty strong thoughts on them.

So, do you have an opinion about weddings that you totally believe, but are a little afraid to actually admit?

Maybe you think that wearing white at a wedding is okay because the attention will be on the bride regardless of what you wear.

Perhaps you think themed weddings should be banned because it makes buying an outfit for the event even harder.

Or maybe you think bouquet tosses are super cringeworthy, because why should the women all have to gather around like tragic maids?

Get it all off your chest and tell us your most unpopular or controversial wedding opinions — and why you think them — in the comments below. The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!