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    "Twilight" Turns 12 Today, So Here's A Super-Weird Trivia Fact About The Baseball Scene

    How has it been 12 years?!

    Hey, want a fact that (might) shake you to your core? The first Twilight movie came out 12 years ago today!


    I remember it like it was just yesterday...

    To celebrate the anniversary, director Catherine Hardwicke and actor Nikki Reed (aka Rosalie Hale) sat down with Insider to talk about one of the most iconic scenes in all of modern cinema: the Twilight baseball scene.


    One of the things you might remember about this scene is the way the Cullens move when they're playing baseball.


    I mean, Alice practically does the splits just to throw the ball. I tried to google this to see if it would actually help throw the ball, and it seems like the answer is no — but this is Twilight, and it looks cool.

    According to Nikki, part of the reason for the way the vampires move in this "choreographed dance" is a very special movement class.


    The actor said that they took a "cat movement class so that we could move our bodies in a way that felt catlike."


    I don't know about you, but I am having the time of my life picturing this class.


    BUT THIS IS NOT THE ONLY REFERENCE TO CATS IN THIS SCENE. At one point, Carlisle tells Rosalie, "Nice kitty" after she has a stare-down with Bella — which was apparently the idea of actor Peter Facinelli, who played Carlisle.


    Look, all I'm saying is...Twilight x Cats???

    Kevin Winter / Universal / Courtesy Everett Collection / Getty Images

    In short, according to director Catherine, learning to play baseball "was a really good bonding experience for all the vampires" — so isn't that nice?

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