Tom Felton's "Hamilton" TikToks Prove His Account Is Basically One Of The Best Corners Of The Internet


    If you didn't know that Tom Felton — of Draco Malfoy fame — has TikTok, allow me to introduce you.

    He posts videos of his dog:

    Harry Potter TikTok reactions:

    Oh, and a LOT of music:


    However, after much studying/simping, I believe I have identified a fourth category. Yes, Tom Felton is really, really into Hamilton.

    He's duetted Hamilton with other TikTokers:

    He's duetted Hamilton with himself:

    He's covered "The Story of Tonight":

    And he's done not one...

    ...not two...

    ...but THREE King George III videos.


    You’ll be back 🤴 @hamiltonmusical #Hamiltom #music

    ♬ original sound - Tom Felton

    In short, it's the kind of wholesome content I didn't know I needed.

    Surely I’m not the only one who just stood up, crying and clapping at the TV @HamiltonMusical @Lin_Manuel

    More #Hamiltom, plz.

    A poorly Photoshopped image of Tom Felton and King George VIII