19 Reactions To "The Ultimatum: Queer Love" That Show How Messy This Season Already Is

    "The Ultimatum: Queer Love needs to add ppls pronouns, I wanna talk my shit respectfully."

    Look, The Ultimatum was already one of the messiest shows out there. Hell, I'm about 99% certain that its premise of getting couples going through a tough time vis-à-vis marriage to have a "trial" marriage with other people was created to satiate a magical Netflix gremlin who demands pure chaos from dating reality TV.

    Well, it's back, baby! This time, with an all-queer cast. Because we deserve to be chaotic on television, goddamnit!

    A couple kissing

    So, here are some of the best tweets that sum up the episodes we've had thus far:


    The Ultimatum: Queer Love is such important representation for showing that queer people can be garbage humans too

    — A(CAB)K (@AK97214) May 24, 2023
    Twitter: @AK97214


    The absolute lack of empathy #TheUltimatumQueerLove #TheUltimatum pic.twitter.com/KfN6gtTa9O

    — Lupin 🝮 missing purki (@queeroescape) May 24, 2023
    Netflix / Via Twitter: @queeroescape


    Whoever decided to group lesbians in the ultimatum dating show is a genius it looks like a train wreck and I'm living for the drama

    — candy. (@candyflissa) May 24, 2023
    Twitter: @candyflissa


    I find it funny that Vanessa from The Ultimatum was super confident and excited about dating new ppl and was sooo sure that Xander wouldn’t be interested in literally anyone else so she was just super happy and loving the attention until Xander was actually interested in someone

    — Brooke (@itsbrookieyall) May 24, 2023
    Twitter: @itsbrookieyall


    the ultimatum queer love is so sick bc they know damn well lesbians can fall in love with strangers in 3 weeks

    — jay (@jayjay_isokay) May 24, 2023
    Twitter: @jayjay_isokay


    The lesbians are lesbianing very lesbianly on The Ultimatum Queer Love 💀💀🤭

    — 🏳️‍⚧️pahblow🏳️‍⚧️ (@pablosymone) May 24, 2023
    Twitter: @pablosymone


    An episode and a half into The Ultimatum: Queer Love and I'm already obsessed with this woman pic.twitter.com/B4HiJHeROR

    — lys (@lysfaye) May 24, 2023
    Netflix / Via Twitter: @lysfaye


    the ultimatum queer love might be the messiest shit to hit netflix in a while

    — himmy neutron (@nnashlyn) May 24, 2023
    Twitter: @nnashlyn


    tiff from the ultimatum queer love shows why dog people are so insufferable

    — annie 🩷 (@IovebaIIoon) May 25, 2023
    Twitter: @IovebaIIoon


    Vanessa on The Ultimatum: Queer Love saying she is an IG influencer... Girl you got 1200 followers!! pic.twitter.com/okgThp37U6

    — Phoenix🇧🇧 (@LivyJlou) May 25, 2023
    Netflix / Via Twitter: @LivyJlou
    Note: Vanessa clarified on her Instagram that she was referring to a different page, adding, "I was making fun of myself for being an influencer when I talked about it on the show."


    HAHAHAH THIS IS THE FUNNIEST INSULT #TheUltimatum pic.twitter.com/I1skCCFfR5

    — c.i.vil 🇭🇹🏳️‍🌈 (@cheyalltogether) May 25, 2023
    Netflix / Via Twitter: @cheyalltogether


    All the women turning on Vanessa at the choice ceremony. #TheUltimatum pic.twitter.com/coWvm2Fj1P

    — BK (@BKBachTakes) May 25, 2023
    Twitter: @BKBachTakes


    Me after binge watching the ultimatum queer love pic.twitter.com/fzEpfhmela

    — sen 🦂 (@yeu_jpg) May 25, 2023
    Fox / Via Twitter: @yeu_jpg


    I NEEEEED Mal & Lexi to end up together 😅#TheUltimatum #TheUltimatumQueerLove pic.twitter.com/mCkC2FV16o

    — eNreeKaii (@Ri_Kayyy) May 25, 2023
    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Ri_Kayyy


    Xander & Yoly have a really good vibe together…but then I remember Mal saying Yoly can fall in love with anyone 😂 not Yoly proving her point #TheUltimatumQueerLove #TheUltimatum pic.twitter.com/GiiwmhMeod

    — Certified LoverGrl💕 (@britthepony) May 25, 2023
    Red Table Talk / Via Twitter: @britthepony


    when your friends invite you out but then start arguing at dinner and all you wanted to do was stay in and listen to your meditation tapes.#aussie #TheUltimatum #TheUltimatumQueerLove pic.twitter.com/nM0agRpcmW

    — Bread Pitt (@Bread__Pit) May 26, 2023
    Netflix / Via Twitter: @Bread__Pit


    the ultimatum queer love needs to add ppls pronouns, I wanna talk my shit respectfully

    — evee (@eeveelutions_) May 28, 2023
    Twitter: @eeveelutions_


    netflix choosing a host for the ultimatum queer love who isn’t queer pic.twitter.com/WN1Zsa8Uqf

    — zoe (@doomcrisis) May 26, 2023
    Twitter: @doomcrisis

    20. In short:

    The Ultimatum needs to remain a strictly queer show. Like wow this is tv

    — Jordan Hart (@JordanHart99) May 25, 2023
    Twitter: @JordanHart99

    New episodes of The Ultimatum: Queer Love will drop on Netflix on May 31.