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    A Contestant On "The Bachelorette" Wore A Straitjacket Throughout Clare's Debut Episode And I Am Rolling My Eyes So, So Much

    "Mental health is not a joke."

    I don't know about you, but the contestants' limo entrances are one of my favorite parts of the Bachelor franchise. So, when Clare Crawley's season debuted on Oct. 13, you can bet I was watching.

    However, my general ~vibe~ was pretty much ruined by contestant Jay's entrance. Jay is a fitness director from Florida who is a "perfect combination of sweet and tough."

    Why? Because Jay walked out wearing a LITERAL STRAITJACKET:

    Which he clearly thought was a good idea:

    Jay saying, "I'm doing what it takes to stand out. I would not be in a straitjacket if I wasn't dedicated to Clare."

    He then kept it on for the whole episode:

    And wore it in the official picture:

    And it's safe to say that many people were not fans:

    to the man who showed up in a straight jacket, mental health is not a joke. you can ✨see yourself out✨ #TheBachelorette straightjacket... #TheBachelorette

    Not the straight jacket #TheBachelorette #bachelorette

    Joking about wearing a straight jacket a week after mental health awareness week #TheBachelorette

    She should have sent straight jacket guy back to the limo

    In case you didn't know, using language like "crazy" is an incredibly stigmatizing way to talk about mental health. Its negative connotations suggest that having a mental illness is an othering experience — when, in fact, it's incredibly common.

    Besides, straitjackets are almost never used in psychiatric hospitals nowadays. They're a relic of harmful media portrayals of mental illness and are considered pretty outdated.

    Welp, fingers crossed the rest of the season is a little less...problematic.