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PA's Attorney General Responded After His Son Walked Into His MSNBC Election Interview, And It's Pretty Hilarious

*Backs away slowly.*

As the election turned into a real nail-biter, I know I'm not the only one who was basically glued to my TV.

I honestly dunno how steve is still going im bout to die

However, with people still working from home, some mistakes were bound to happen.

So may I present to you my favorite WFH election blunder thus far — courtesy of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

The interview on MSNBC started fairly normally — or, at least as normal as things can be right now.

PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro says the Trump campaign has a predictable pattern: “They make a crazy claim, they tweet about it, they amplify it … sometimes a lawsuit follows and every time … it gets dismissed." He adds: “Look, the campaign is over.” #election2020

However, things went awry when Josh's son walked into frame.

At first, the teen seemed oblivious...

...before realizing what he'd done...

...and then he slowly backed away.

Truly a mood.

And, if Twitter is anything to go by, people were very into it:

I AM DEAD at Josh Shapiro’s kid just wandering into frame on MSNBC

That time the #Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro’s son walked into the shot and reminded us all parents are in the same boat in 2020! 😂

We all feel like Josh Shapiro's son @MSNBC @JoshShapiroPA

Some also noticed what appeared to be a message hidden on Josh's bookcase:

A+ to PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro. Count the mail votes.

Thankfully, Josh himself seemed to find the whole thing pretty funny:

I’m taking his phone away for 24 hours. 😂

And even responded to comedian Leslie Jones' comments about his clock:

.@Lesdoggg, I can take the kid or the cuckoo clock out of the shot — but not both. Your choice

Thanks to Josh and his son for what was a much-needed smile!