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Sophie Turner's Bachelorette Party Pic Is A Whole Mood I Didn't Know I Needed

Turner-ing it up.

Have you seen the "Post a pic of..." trend on Instagram? Basically, you ask people what they want to see a picture of on your IG story, and post it.

Sophie Turner / Via Instagram: @sophiet

I want to try this trend, but I am worried no one will ask me anything and then I shall fall into a pit of despair and humiliation.

Well, one celeb who just hopped on the trend was none other than Sophie Turner.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

One fan asked for a pic from her Benidorm bachelorette party (you know, before she married Joe Jonas in France) and, oh boy, did she oblige:

Sophie Turner / Via Instagram: @sophiet

The wig. The face. The sash. Magnificent.

Sophie Turner / Via Instagram: @sophiet

Sophie hasn't actually shared much from her bach party before — with photos instead coming from her friends' IG accounts.

Then, after she was done delighting us with a glimpse into her pre-marital life, she also shared an adorable photo of her and Joe looking all loved-up in Venice — when she didn't know she was pregnant:

Sophie and Joe Jonas sitting in a gondola and looking into one another's eyes
Sophie Turner / Via Instagram: @sophiet

The faces of two people who have no idea what 2020 will have in store:

Sophie Turner / Via Instagram: @sophiet

Anyway, here’s to more silly celeb throwback pics brightening our days!

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