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Hot Damn, A Whole Bunch Of The "SNL" Cast Is Reportedly Leaving — Including Pete Davidson

Live from New York, it's not Pete Davidson.

Change is in the air: A whole bunch of the SNL cast will reportedly be leaving after tonight's Season 47 finale.

Japanese Breakfast with Natasha, Kenan, and Kate for the SNL promo

To a certain extent, the cast shakeup was a long time coming — creator and exec producer Lorne Michaels described 2022 as a "year of change" for the show, which currently has its biggest cast ever.

Lorne Michaels holding an award

The first face reportedly leaving is none other than Pete Davidson, who has only appeared in a few sketches this season. Of course, Pete joined SNL at the tender age of 20 — making him one of the youngest cast members ever — back in 2014.

Pete in the middle of a sketch

Kate McKinnon is also expected to depart, having first joined SNL a decade ago. She's another breakout star with a whole bunch of upcoming projects — including the Greta Gerwig Barbie movie.

Kate smiling

Next up is Aidy Bryant, who also joined SNL in 2012. She's also taken some time off the show in recent years to film her Hulu show Shrill.

Aidy in the middle of a sketch with someone in a horse costume

The final cast member expected to leave is Kyle Mooney, who first joined SNL back in 2013 — and portrayed Johnny Depp in the controversial Depp/Heard trial skit last week.

Kyle playing Johnny Depp

As for what the cast's sendoff will look like, guess we'll have to tune in for tonight's Season 47 finale, hosted by Natasha Lyonne.

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