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Pete Davidson's "SNL" Co-Star Chloe Fineman Weighed In On His Extensive Dating History

"I find him deeply charming."

Although we are in the year 2022, people can still be baffled that women are into a funny, successful, and creative man. This is my long way of saying that Chloe Fineman has added to the ever-growing discussion of why people find Pete Davidson hot.

Closeup of Chloe Fineman

Yes, Pete's former SNL co-star told Page Six, “I’ve worked and chatted with him. ... I find him deeply charming."

Pete Davidson and Chloe Fineman on "SNL"

Chloe even cast her mind back to 2019, continuing, "I remember my first year [on SNL], going to all my girlfriends and being like, ‘I get it.'”

Pete Davidson and Chloe Fineman on "SNL"

Apparently, Chloe also has “friends who have dated" Pete who "report back nice things." If anyone wants to try and do some sleuthing, the information is here!

Closeup of Pete Davidson

Pete is currently linked with Emily Ratajkowski — who herself said back in 2021, "I mean, he seems super charming, he’s vulnerable, he’s lovely, his fingernail polish is awesome. He looks good. He’s great!”

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski

Perhaps this means Chloe is cosmically bound to have to date Pete in 2023?