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Shawn Mendes Shaved His Head, And He Looks Rather Different

More like Shorn Mendes...hahahahah sorry.

Sound the alarm! Alert the church elders! It's a big day, folks: Shawn Mendes has shaved his head.

Closeup of Shawn Mendes

Sarcastic quips from a sleep-deprived writer aside, the actor is very much known for his curls. Look at them! Look!

Shawn Mendes at the Met Gala

Well, Shawn was photographed getting coffee this weekend and ooh, sweet shaved head.

Shawn Mendes

New year, new hair!

Shawn Mendes with a shaved head

I saw some tweets freaking out, but, you know, it's hair — it grows back.

Closeup of Shawn Mendes

I tried to find if the change of hair was related to some kind of on-screen role, but as far as I can tell, it is simply a new look.

Closeup of Shawn Mendes

What a time to be alive!