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    Sebastian Stan And Lily James Look Super Unrecognizable As Tommy Lee And Pamela Anderson

    My brain does not comprehend this.

    Sebastian Stan and Lily James are starring in the upcoming Hulu series Pam & Tommy, and they look bloody unrecognizable in new photos.

    Now, for some reason, I feel the need to remind you what Sebastian and Lily actually look like before we proceed. Here's Lily...

    Lily wearing a strapless gown with an oversized bow over the chest

    ...and here's Sebastian...

    Sebastian wearing a blazer and shirt

    ...and here's what they look like as Pam and Tommy:

    Here’s a peek at Pam & Tommy, coming to @Hulu. Based on the true scandal that started it all, featuring Lily James, Sebastian Stan and @SethRogen… ready to rewind? #PamAndTommy

    Twitter: @pamandtommy


    I mean, here's the real-life Pam and Tommy for reference:

    Pamela biting one of Tommy's nipple rings  as he looks at the camera in mock shock

    Like, excuse me???


    Hulu / Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic, Inc / Getty Images


    there were really people out there sceptical about sebastian stan and lily james playing pam and tommy hah

    Hulu / Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic, Inc / Getty Images

    I have nipple piercings, and I can't tell if Seb's are real or not.

    Oh, also, Seth Rogen is in this series!

    My co-stars, Sebastian and Lily, are a lot cooler than I am. #PamandTommy

    Hulu / Seth Rogen

    The show is based on the IRL story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's honeymoon sex tape being stolen and released on the internet — and I, for one, am very excited.

    Pamela and Tommy leaning in for a kiss

    Don't mind me — I think I need to go lie down.