There Are Pics Of Big And Carrie On The "Sex And The City" Reboot Set, And I Have A Lot Of Questions About What It Means For The Couple On The Show

    "Together again!"

    Big news: There are pics of Carrie and Big on the set of the Sex and the City revival, ...And Just Like That.

    Carrie and Big dancing with foreheads touching

    Sarah Jessica Parker shared a photo of her lovingly looking into Chris Noth's eyes, along with the caption, "These 2. I bet they stay out late tonight."

    Chris then responded with the most Big comment ever:

    Chris commented seven tumbler glass emojis

    But that's not all! Chris shared his own rather intense photo on IG, along with the caption, "Together again!"

    This isn't the only look at the cast we've had so far: SJP previously shared this pic of the gals in *gasp* Brooklyn.

    Although we don't know a ton about the reboot, there have been some alleged leaks — so stop reading here if you wanna keep it spoiler-free.

    Big and Carrie sitting and talking in a scene from the TV show

    The alleged leaked script seemed to imply that Big and Carrie had gotten divorced — meaning that the reality in the show might be a tad less romantic than in the pics.

    Big and Carrie in bed during happier times

    Chris himself was hesitant to take on the role again but changed his mind because "[executive producer] Michael Patrick King is just an incredible writer and has incredible creative ideas, and once we got together and talked about the potential of what we could do with the character, I was all in." Do with this information what you will.

    Carrie and Bill walking, smiling, and looking up to the side

    So is Big just going to be a temporary fixture of the reboot? Or will there be more on-again, off-again antics? Guess we'll just have to see!