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    Ryan Reynolds Confirmed The "Free Guy" Sequel In The Most Ryan Reynolds Way Imaginable


    Have you seen the new Ryan Reynolds flick Free Guy yet?

    Ryan smiling on the red carpet, wearing a casual pale suit and with hand in pocket
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    The movie follows Ryan as Guy, a character who realizes that he's a nonplayable character in a video game. The action comedy is set to debut at No. 1 at the box office, so, you know, NBD.

    20th Century Studios / courtesy Everett Collection

    Shoutout to a Reddit thread I found called "Free Guy is going to be the next flop isn't it?" while doing research for this article. 

    However, the road to the release wasn't always easy — although casting was announced way back in 2018, the movie was delayed four times due to COVID.

    Ryan wearing glasses and on a motorcycle
    Alan Markfield / 20th Century Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Of course, once the movie’s actual release date was marked, there was plenty of classic Ryan Reynolds humor to remind us of it — and a touch from his wife, Blake Lively.

    Screenshot of Ryan's face looking up at a bikini-wearing woman from the back, with the caption "Go see @freeguymovie this weekend or you'll be bummed"
    Blake Lively / Via Instagram: @blakelively

    So it should be no surprise that the movie is getting a sequel, which Ryan confirmed this weekend on Twitter: “[A]fter 3 years messaging #FreeGuy as an original IP movie, Disney confirmed today they officially want a sequel. Woo hoo!! #irony.”

    Aaaannnnd after 3 years messaging #FreeGuy as an original IP movie, Disney confirmed today they officially want a sequel. Woo hoo!! #irony

    Twitter: @VancityReynolds

    I'm a simple woman who loves jokes aimed at Disney.

    Ryan also echoed director Shawn Levy's thoughts on a potential sequel name, "based on one of 7 million improv lines by Taika Waititi."

    If it isn’t called, “Albuquerque Boiled Turkey” we’ve failed.

    Twitter: @VancityReynolds

    In a moment of sincerity, Ryan then gave a shoutout to the "artists and audiences" who helped make the movie so successful:

    Our company @MaximumEffort has a simple mission: “Let’s bring people together in fun, smart and unexpected ways.” Togetherness is the ultimate scarcity good these days so thank you to all the artists and audiences who came TOGETHER to make #FreeGuy such a surprise hit.

    Twitter: @VancityReynolds

    Free Guy 2: Albuquerque Boiled Turkey, here we go!