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    Blake Lively Got The Most Ryan Reynolds Mother's Day Post That May Ever Have Existed

    "I’m lucky to reflect a little of the sunlight you shine on all of us."

    It's Mother's Day*! To mark the occasion, Ryan Reynolds posted an oh-so-on-brand Instagram to his wife, Blake Lively.

    Mike Coppola / Getty Images

    *In the US, at least, lest my own mother read this and wonder why I haven't called.

    In case you didn't know, Blake and Ryan have three children: James, Inez, and Betty.

    Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    *Taylor Swift plays softly in the background.*

    "It can’t be said enough… you’re the heart and soul of every moment this family shares," Ryan wrote in the caption of a lovely selfie.

    "I’m grateful for the light and for the kindness you smuggle into each and every second of our lives. I see you in the eyes of our children… Every laugh. Every blink and every thoughtful moment of vulnerability," he continued.

    Tommaso Boddi / WireImage / Getty Images

    "The tender grit it takes to be a mother in 2021 is an act of pure strength and heroism."

    Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images

    Now, if you think you know where the post goes after this, I can assure you, you do not: "Never could I have predicted anonymous airport bathroom sex would lead to this. Or how you’d hire Dog The Bounty Hunter to find me."

    He finished off the post: "Either way, I’m lucky to reflect a little of the sunlight you shine on all of us. Happy Mother’s Day, my love."

    Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

    Ryan also gave his own mom, Tammy, a shoutout:

    Ryan Reynolds / Via Instagram: @vancityreynolds

    Yup, all wholesome, nothing to see here:

    Sylvain Gaboury / Getty Images / Ryan Reynolds / Via Instagram: @vancityreynolds

    ...Happy Mother's Day?! Oh, and if you want to see how more celebs are celebrating Mother’s Day this year, you can check out their heartwarming messages here!

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