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    Rihanna Covered Up The Matching Tattoo She Got With Drake

    RIP shark tat.

    You hate to ~sea~ it: Rihanna just covered the matching shark tattoo she got with Drake.

    Rihanna and Drake posing for a photo as she holds her MTV Vanguard award

    The two reportedly got their matching tats after a romantic aquarium date in 2016.

    Drake got his on his arm...

    Closeup of Drake's tattoo

    ...while Rihanna got hers above her ankle.

    Rihanna still had her tattoo until fairly recently — check out this pic of her in May:

    However, on a date night with new partner A$AP Rocky, some eagle-eyed fans couldn't help but notice...


    No sharks here!

    As for Twitter's reaction...

    rihanna covered her shark tattoo drake:

    Twitter: @rihpaelx

    Whao. Rihanna covered her shark tattoo with Drake. She def moves on 😳


    rihanna covered up the matching tattoo she had with drake lmao don’t nobody feel my pain i promise

    Twitter: @lnbshr

    Rihanna covered the shark tattoo.... I know Drake somewhere out there bawling his eyes out

    Twitter: @marleyaq

    Hopefully Drake doesn't get too in his feelings over this one.