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Here's What's Happening With All The Cheating Rumors Surrounding SK And Raven From "Love Is Blind"

"When your ex takes you to Europe and talks about getting back together, but on the trip you find out he has a 'fiancé' from a reality show he did on Netflix but then he tells you it's all fake and for the money."

Raven Ross from Love Is Blind posted a series of cryptic social media comments amid speculation that SK Alagbada cheated on her.

Raven and SK

Rumors started earlier this week after a TikTok showed a user by the name of @emmwho9 saying, "Put a finger down if you went on a date in April with a guy from Hinge and then you see that he’s actually on the show Love Is Blind, and that he met you after the show was filmed, but is still with the same girl right now." She followed up the video with alleged screenshots of her messages with SK, a video of a DM conversation on Instagram, and a video of SK kayaking.


Hopefully they were on a break or something at the time because she seems so genuine 😞 #loveisblind #loveisblindnetflix

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Seemingly, in response, Raven said in her own now-deleted video, “Rumors are rumors, and we’re fine. That’s my man, and I’m sticking beside him.”

But that's not all. User @hannahbethstyle then posted a video saying that her ex had a "fiancé" from Love Is Blind — but that he said it was fake and for money.

Screenshot from a TikTok video

Things escalated when she posted another video alleging that she and SK started dating in 2019 and broke up — but then rekindled things on a trip to Ibiza during the summer of 2021, aka just after the filming of Love Is Blind. Amid a series of photos and screenshots, she asserted that SK told her that he and Raven were just "friends."


this is my truth & the girls will not be silenced. #loveisblindseason3

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So, what does Raven now have to say about all this? Well, for one, she's deleted all traces of SK from her Instagram page. Her pics with him were very much still there when the first round of allegations came out.

She also responded to a comment saying that she had "dodged a bullet."

Screenshot of an Instagram comment

As well as one referring to SK's behavior as the "biggest plot twist ever."

Raven saying, "literally lol"

Over on her stories, outside of pilates content, there were three prayer emojis:

Screenshot of Raven's Instagram story

And, on TikTok, her most recent video is about needing "couples' counseling." Take from this what you will!

SK's social media has been comparatively quiet, but Bartise posted a story of Kermit drinking a cup of tea — so take from this what you will.

We'll keep you posted if either Raven or SK fully address the situation.

UPDATE Yeah, they broke up.