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Nick Jonas Looking Mighty Freaked Out After Priyanka Chopra Announced They Were "Expecting" During His Family Roast Suddenly Makes A Lot More Sense

"Sorry, babe. We're expecting..."

Alright, you might be aware that yesterday Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra announced that they'd welcomed a baby via surrogate.

The news was a bit of a surprise given that neither Nick nor Priyanka had publicly said anything of the matter beforehand. That being said, people are now pointing out that a certain moment on the Netflix Jonas Brothers Family Roast special now makes a whole lot more sense.

The couple on the red carpet of the BAFTAS

For context, the special was announced back in October, which, if my math is correct, would definitely have been when they were already expecting a baby. In Priyanka's section of the roast, she addresses Nick by saying, "I love that I married a man who, like myself, values family. If you don't know, we're the only couple who doesn't have kids yet."

Priyanka speaking onstage

Things then take a turn for the dramatic when Priyanka says, "Which is why I'm excited to make this announcement. Sorry, babe. We're expecting..."


You cannot tell me this is not the look of a man concerned that his wife has just spilled the beans:

However, Priyanka then follows up by saying that the couple are expecting, "To get drunk tonight! And sleep in tomorrow!"

The relief on this man's face:

When Priyanka comments on Nick's worried facial expression, he adds, "Yeah, I was a bit concerned."

This isn't the only Priyanka moment to be seen with a fresh pair of eyes after the baby announcement — in Priyanka's recent Vanity Fair cover story, she said that kids are, “A big part of our desire for the future. By God’s grace, when it happens, it happens.”

The couple at the Billboard music awards

10/10 troll.