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15 Cringey Times People Didn't Realize Their Cameras And Microphones Were On During Online Classes

"Someone's mom asked if she was in class with 'the hot teacher.'"

Education can be tricky at the best of times — but throw remote learning into the mix, and some faux pas are bound to happen.

Yesterday, u/AsteroidPizza39 asked the question, "Students and teachers of Reddit, what’s your best ‘forgot to turn off the mic’ story during virtual learning?" and the responses were both super funny and cringey as heck. Here are just some of the best:

1. "I had to defend my thesis over Zoom, and many professors came into the call to watch. My thesis was about immune response in fish to parasites. One professor joined late and forgot to mute her mic, so we got treated to her saying, 'Mommy is learning about fish parasites, which is what you'll get if you don't stop peeing in the koi pond.'"


2. "I was in a meeting with my class for the first day of school, and had forgotten to mute myself. I started noisily baby-talking to my cat, who was in my lap at the time."

— u/MrSpyder_

3. "During my English class, this one girl forgot to mute herself. While my teacher was talking, her mother asked if she was in class with 'the hot teacher.'"


4. "The teacher was holding us for 15+ minutes after the period had ended. She said something along the lines of 'keep working arduously' and I responded by saying, 'If she says arduously one more time, I'm going to flip a table'...I was not on mute."

— u/SonOfCoul27

5. "In one of my classes, this girl wrote 'this is so fucking boring' in the Zoom chat — not realizing that the professor could see it."


6. "A girl’s mom asked, ‘Who the fuck are you on the computer with this early in the morning?’ over and over until the teacher eventually said, 'I think your mic is on.'"

— u/Mike-The-Fridge

7. "When I was doing an online algebra camp, the teacher forgot to turn off his mic while we were supposed to be doing some problems. We heard him say, 'I fucking hate math.'"


8. "One morning I was lecturing, and a student popped in late. I said, 'Hello, [student name]! Thanks for joining us.' She said, 'Don’t say my name, bitch!' just before she realized her mic was on. I just laughed."


9. "Heard the clapping sound of a kid jerking off. His name lit up and everything."


10. "Ironically, my IT teacher forgot to turn off his mic and camera — and proceeded to get in a very heated argument on the phone with his ex-girlfriend. Did I mention that she’s also a teacher at our school?"


11. "My teacher forgot to turn off his camera, and his son was changing in the background. He kept on looking at the camera."

— u/Just-A-pAiR-of-legs

12. "In a thermodynamics class, one of the students said 'Holy shit, this is so much' after covering a large set of equations related to fugacity. Everyone found it relatable."

— u/tcw1

13. "I had a college student's boyfriend walk up behind her on Zoom, reach into her shirt, pull out her breasts, and start doing a little boob dance. She was just laughing and playfully slapping his hands away."


14. "We had a girl place an entire dinner order over the phone, while we all tried to tell her that her mic was on. She was ordering Mediterranean food — I think she got a chicken gyro."

— u/WineMomParker

15. Finally, "This kid in the class didn’t have his mic muted, and he was snoring. My poor professor couldn't wake him, mute him, or kick him out, so just went on with the lecture."


Have you had any remote learning fails yourself? LMK in the comments!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.