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Folks, We Appear To Have Two People Wearing The Same Dress To The Met Gala

Ah, the 1983 Chloé reference strikes again.

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Olivia Wilde and Vogue China Editor-in-Chief Margaret Zhang rocked up to the 2023 Met Gala in incredibly similar dresses.

Let's take a moment to consider why the dress was worn in the first place. It's an 1983 Chloé look designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself (reminder: This year's theme is “In honor of Karl") and has been dubbed "the violin dress."

Karl Lagerfeld positing with models

In fact, it was even reworn by Chloë Sevigny in 2013 to notable fanfare.

Chloe Sevigny
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So, let's consider Olivia's iteration first. It was made by Chloé’s current designer Gabriela Hearst, who said to Vogue of the look, “There was something quite timeless that we could bring back to the Met Gala in 2023. [...] We made it a gala dress instead of a cocktail dress, and I think it worked beautifully.” Plus, it's apparently made of deadstock fabric!

Closeup of Olivia Wilde

Then we have Margaret's dress. It's not clear who designed her dress, but she didn't pose with the Chloé squad...

Closeup of Margaret Zhang

...Suggesting that her look was designed independently.

Various Met Gala attendees wearing Chloé

Now, there are differences. Margaret's dress has a fuller skirt, a train, and gold detailing on the hem. Olivia went for cuffs à la the original's gloves. I probably don't need to point out that they're different colors.

You may be wondering...is this intentional? Now, I have seen it said that Anna knows what everyone wears to the Met Gala in advance. Do with this what you will.

Well, there are many violins in an orchestra!

UPDATE Olivia posted a picture of her and Margaret onto her Instagram story, writing, "Great minds. If you're going to twin with anyone, make it Margaret Zhang." Margaret reposted the story and added, "Cue the strings."

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