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    Here's How The Internet Reacted To Olivia Rodrigo's White House Talk About COVID Vaccines

    THE PLAID!!!

    Ahem, Olivia Rodrigo just spoke at the White House lunchtime press briefing about the importance of young people getting vaccinated.

    For one, I would be remiss not to mention her White House outfit — the vintage Chanel! The tiny bag! The heels!!!

    Moreover, Olivia's message of support is super important — and comes as the Biden administration pushes for people ages 12–27 to get the shot, especially as the Delta variant increases in areas with low vax rates.

    Naturally, Twitter had a field day:

    nothing but respect for MY president olivia rodrigo

    Twitter: @longIivs

    olivia rodrigo could be the president but joe biden could never write favorite crime

    Twitter: @traitorvinyI

    "and that is why at 0600 this morning the united states military conducted a drone strike in the vicinity of joshua bassett's malibu home"

    Twitter: @davidmackau

    The power this photo holds>>>> @PressSec @Olivia_Rodrigo

    Twitter: @KirstenS

    so olivia rodrigo complains about her ex boyfriend and gets to go to the white house but when i do it it’s “inappropriate” and “unrelated to the funeral service”? okay

    Twitter: @jordylancaster

    “America, its brutal out here”

    Twitter: @LosRideTheWhip

    i cant believe joe biden is meeting olivia rodrigo before ME.

    Twitter: @melodramaliv

    “And in conclusion, may I please remind you that it does not say ‘RSVP’ on the Statue of Liberty?”

    Twitter: @alyssavingan

    Good 4 u, Olivia!

    You can find more information about getting vaccinated on the CDC website