Nick Cannon Released A Song About Mariah Carey, And This Whole Thing Is So Messy

    "I'm just out there trying to spread that little Kanye West energy."

    If, like me, you were single on Valentine's Day, then has Nick Cannon got the musical gift for you! Yes, for some reason, Nick decided to drop his new single, "Alone" — and it's all about his ex-wife, Mariah Carey.

    A closeup of Nick wearing a suit and tie at red carpet event

    For context, Nick and Mariah got married in 2008 and announced their split in 2014. Although rumors of Nick cheating were floating around, both Nick and Mariah have attributed the split to them growing apart.

    Mariah and Nick embracing as they take a photo when they were still a couple

    Mariah has been with her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, for five years, while Nick is currently expecting baby number eight with model Bre Tiesi.

    The former couple posing for a photo at a red carpet event

    So, Nick decided to drop a song on Valentine's Day that samples Mariah's "Love Takes Time." Lyrics include, "I been lying, I say I'm cool when I know I miss it," "I want you back," and, "I stay alone, try to play it safe, but these memories, I cannot erase" — which many understandably took as a plea to get Mariah back.

    A closeup of Mariah

    The lyrics also appear to reference the five mothers of Nick's children:

    As much as I want you back, it's probably better where you at 'cause I'm still running the streets. I'm still all in the sheets having babies, models and singers, and actresses saying they pregnant by me

    In a new Instagram clip from his show, Nick discussed the song, writing in the caption, "Yes I know! I had my dream girl, I messed it up and now I’m singing for EVERYBODY who feels #Alone."

    "I did a song called ‘Alone' and it sampled one of my favorite Mariah Carey songs, ‘Love Takes Time,'" he explained in the clip. "So, I think people put the two and two together. They tried to say — everybody saying that this was my song to try to get Mariah back. I know that's impossible."

    Mariah and Nick with their twin children at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

    "I had probably the greatest situation with my dream girl and I messed it up," he continued. "The song was not really about trying to get her back. It was taking ownership of what I did as a man and owning my flaws and expressing it through song."

    "I'm just out there trying to spread that little Kanye West energy," he then added, before referring to the roses that Kanye sent Kim on Valentine's Day. "Kanye, I need you on the remix to my record."

    "I salute everything Kanye [is] trying to do. Get your woman back," he continued, before briefly debating with some audience members who shouted "No!" in response. He then added, "Kanye pull up in the Toyota with the roses, I pull up in the minivan with some butterflies. It's going down. We'll both be wearing Skims and glitter, like, 'Hey, take us back.'"

    If Spotify is anything to go by, then Nick's new song has yet to sweep the nation:

    At the time, the song only had 4,544 listens

    Meanwhile, Mariah posted a nice selfie with her partner on Valentine's Day:

    Maybe just get us single folks a nice card next year Nick...