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    Will Smith Shared A Sweet Note In Support Of Naomi Osaka

    "I am with you."

    Will Smith shared a note in support of Naomi Osaka following her withdrawal from the French Open.

    Naomi Osaka smiling and wearing a cap

    If you need a quick refresher, after saying that she would not be participating in the French Open press conferences in order to protect her mental health, Naomi was fined $15,000. She then announced that she would be withdrawing from the competition, outlining how she had "suffered long bouts of depression since the US Open in 2018."

    Twitter: @naomiosaka

    In the days that followed, many people took to social media to voice their support for Naomi:

    It takes bravery and strength to put your mental health first. I applaud you, and stand by you @naomiosaka ❤️✊🏾

    Twitter: @kerrywashington

    ❤️@naomiosaka, I’m happy you realize your health and well-being are your priority. Take care of YOU always! You are the only You that You have! ❤️

    Twitter: @dionnewarwick

    For whatever it’s worth-I’m proud of Naomi Osaka for putting her mental health,her well being above everything.If we don’t take care of our health,our wellness- well then who will?What do we have if we don’t have our health? Don’t we know by now that success isn’t worth our life?

    Twitter: @Pink

    Now Will Smith is adding his name to the list of celebs supporting the tennis player.

    Will Smith in a suit and tie

    In an Instagram post yesterday, Will shared a note addressed to Naomi:

    "You are right. They are wrong!" the actor wrote. "I am with you."

    Sending all the love and support to Naomi. ❤️