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    20 Jokes About Murder Hornets That Prove 2020 Just Keeps Getting Worse

    Can 2020 just, like, stop for a second?

    Thought 2020 pretty much couldn't get any worse? Well, allow me to be the bearer of more bad news: Murder hornets have hit the news after being spotted in the USA late last year. Now, people are worried it's going to get even worse. Woohoo!

    "What is this yellowish hell-beast sent to further ruin my summer?" I hear you cry. Well, the Asian giant hornet kills bees by decapitating them and destroys honeybee hives. They don't usually go for humans, but they can attack when threatened and have killed humans in the past.

    If this sounds like the the final straw in your already nightmarish existence, you are not alone. Here are just some of the best tweets about the murder hornet:


    I feel like god is using an end-of-the-world problem generator and just got “murder hornets”


    I’m not into the ‘Murder Hornets’ that are coming our way. Let me handle one terrifying thing at a time please thx 🐝 💨


    The guy who named Murder Hornets should be in charge of naming more things I like that he doesn’t mince words he’s straight to the point with it


    I was 12 when my dad told me about the birds and the murder hornets. I didn’t have sex until I was 34.



    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself and murder hornets.


    Some of my best friends are murder hornets



    Is Murder Hornets Hulu or Netflix?


    Murder Hornets, but with the right lawyer, Manslaughter Bees


    I’m advising that we cut the murder hornets subplot. We don’t need it to enhance the stakes, the running story line is already dramatic enough, and it’s just one absurdity too many.


    Everyone: What else could possibly happen in May? The Murder Hornets:


    angel: they’re making great progress with the vaccine god: murder hornets angel: what god: murder hornets everywhere angel: why god god: 2020 mf


    If you’ve been wondering when this whole COVID thing will end, I’m thrilled to announce it will almost certainly be on the exact day the murder hornets decide to ramp shit up.


    CDC: how can we get them to stop going outside? God: *inventing murder hornets* lol check this out


    They are only murder hornets if they come from the Murdèr region of France, otherwise they are just sparkling manslaughter bees


    "Murder hornets arrived in a America" Everybody:


    they’re only murder hornets if they’re convicted


    fuck butterflies, marry bees, murder hornets


    [the year 2053] ME (leaning back, chuckling): And then the murder hornets came