There's A Female Version Of Monopoly And People Cannot Stop Roasting It


    I know in some people's books this statement makes me the actual worst, but here goes: I love the board game Monopoly. Hell, my family and I even play it every year while wearing matching T-shirts.

    Well, good news for me, a lady: Apparently, Ms. Monopoly exists! Thank the heavens, because all that masculine energy surrounding regular Monopoly was really cramping my style.

    Although the game was released in the bygone era of September 2019, Twitter has rediscovered its existence:

    Why does Ms Monopoly look like she has a blue checkmark but only 1,207 followers

    im losing my mind. there is no way you're going to be able to predict what this ad is trying to sell you finally, now more than ever, women can buy our product

    Indeed, it’s safe to say that the ad for the game wasn’t exactly a slam dunk with 79k dislikes on YouTube:

    maybe that ms monopoly ad is a parod- oh.

    "What makes Ms. Monopoly any different?" I hear you cry. For starters, "In the Ms. Monopoly game, women get a higher payout at the start of the game and more money when passing go."

    The game gets rid of the ghastly male tokens, like shoes and small dogs, and replaces them with things like a wine glass and a dumbbell.

    Rather than buying properties, "players buy some of the things that wouldn't exist without the innovative women who invented them."

    And speaking of female inventors, the game's existence is certainly odd given that Monopoly was invented by Lizzie Magie in the early 1900s — what a girl boss!

    Repackaging a board game that was stolen from its original female creator as “Ms. Monopoly” to appeal to young women takes massive, wheelbarrow sized balls

    There we have it, ladies. Can't wait to go celebrate my fellow womankind with Ms. Monopoly.