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Matt Damon And Minnie Driver Ran Into Each Other On The Beach, More Than 20 Years After He Broke Up With Her Via An "Oprah" Interview

"I had not had a conversation with him, seriously, since we made the film."

Ah, who among us has never had a potentially awkward run-in with an ex? Well, it looks like Minnie Driver was in that boat with Matt Damon last summer.

Minnie posing at an event in a dark crop top and pants

If you need a bit of backstory, Minnie met Matt when she auditioned for Good Will Hunting, and the two dated for over a year. However, Matt infamously went on Oprah — shortly after the movie premiered in 1997 — and said that he was single. This was news to Minnie, who called the move "fantastically inappropriate." It was a big deal!

Minnie and Matt posing together at an event

Well, speaking on the Keep It! podcast, Minnie said that she ran into Matt last summer — after more than 20 years of not speaking.

"I did see Matt Damon on the beach, and I had not had a conversation with him, seriously, since we made the film," Minnie explained.

"That was last summer — and it was actually very nice to see him, and his kids, and his wife, and it all felt quite middle-aged actually, which was reassuring."

"I feel like so much of the folly of youth went on with our initial relationship, like it was amazing and tabloid-y. So that was nice, to just have sort of a middle-aged conversation about the weather and stuff," she added.

Minnie previously spoke out against Matt following his controversial comments on Harvey Weinstein and the Me Too movement, telling the Guardian, "If good men like Matt Damon are thinking like that then we’re in a lot of fucking trouble. We need good intelligent men to say this is all bad across the board, condemn it all and start again.”


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Well, glad to hear talking about the weather was nice!

You can listen to the full interview here.